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Digital Bill of Rights

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All As Equals

The right to participation, consultation, oversight, representation and control over network regulatory, administrative and technical or governance organizations.

The right to privacy of digital communications without interference or surveillance.

The right to navigate in an unrestricted manner through generally accessable public, digital networks.

The right to access on public digital networks regardless of income, ethnicity, gender, physical location or disability.

The right to access any public article, news item, message or other digital communications from whichever person or area we so desire.

The right to uncensored, free, and uncontrolled communications to and from unmoderated, public areas.

The right to create forums, to form online communities and other digital resources and to discuss matters of interest to multiple participants, without interference, retribution or undue restrictions

The right to control and restrict access to private mail boxes and other personal, non-public file areas and to deny access if we so desire.

The right to security and protection from forged messages, covert message deletions and other illicit obstructions.

The right to protection, should we so choose, from mail bombing, automatic mailers, large, unrequested file or data transfers and similar harassments.

The right to due judicial process and proper legal representation in any conflicts with a services provider.

The right to uninterrupted services and reasonable access to contracted digital services and resources without hindrance or prejudice.

The right to notification, positive verification and approval when and if personal access codes or any other personal and private data are transmitted to anyone by the services provider.

The right to confidential deletion of all private and personal digital information from the data- bases of a services provider once we choose to leave.

Digital Bill of Rights

Created in December 1995 by numerous citizens
of the Internet. Facilitated by Bob Allisat.
Last modified October 1998.

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