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Before you contact us, please make sure that the answer you seek isn't covered by one of the following bits of information. If you ask us any of the following questions via email, we're going to respond with the answers outlined below. We don't mean to be impolite; we're genuinely trying to save you time by giving you as much information as possible, so that you may be better informed.

Help! I am a WebTV user and I need help! Click here for info.

Why is a site on our list? It is on our list because it is an open relay that has sent spam to our users. For more information about a listing, including a spam sample and other information, please visit this page.

We do not take remove requests via telephone or email. Visit this page for information about how to get a site removed from RSS.

Why don't you accept remove requests via email? Because we've written a web form that allows us to process the remove requests a lot faster. This is a good thing for you, because it means that we can handle your request easily and more quickly. That means if your server will no longer perform third-party relay, it'll be removed much faster.

If you want us to remove your server from our list, visit this page for more information. Calling us on the phone or sending us email requesting removal will only cause a delay -- it won't result in removal.

If you don't run a server and you are confused by what's going on, then please visit this page for more information, instead of contacting us. If you email us about this, we're going to give you the same information contained on that page.

If your mail is being refused, and you do not understand why, then please visit this page for more information.

Why is my mail getting refused? I am not a spammer! Why is my friend's mail being refused? Suddenly I can't email my friends! Check here.

This is censorship! We're going to do sue you, how dare you help people refuse our mail. I'm sorry, but we're not really interested in arguing this with folks who are mad at us. We've heard it all already. Here's our position on this issue.

If you're interested in submitting spam to us, then please visit this page for more information. Do not send spam to It'll be ignored or rejected. Not because we hate you, just because we're pretty busy and we need your help to better process the incoming spam.

If your question or comment is not covered by any of the above information, then you can reach a live RSS volunteer via email at

If you send us mail at that address, we will respond personally, as soon as possible.

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